What happens online in one minute?

Would you like to know what happens online in 1 minute? Let’s take a look at 5 giants these days.

1/5 Data

6 million people shop online every minute. On the TWITTER platform there are 65,000 photos shared in one minute and close to 60,000 messages sent in one minute.

2/5 Amazon

Trading giant in 1 min. earns over 800 thousand euros. Amazon customers spend about 250,000 euros per minute.

3/5 Google / Alphabet

There are performed 5.7 million searches every minute on Google search. YouTube broadcasts 694,000 videos. The holding company Alphabet Inc. (which includes the entire Google package, Youtube, Android, Google Cloud and other businesses) earns over 380,000 euros every minute.

4/5 Facebook / Meta

Meta, a joint stock company, owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other subsidiaries. To this day, the whole company earns over 180 thousand euros. €100 million per minute.

5/5 TikTok

On the social network, a short video-sharing platform (despite the fact that India, the second most populous country in the world (over 1.36 billion people), has been banned since mid-2020), users watch 167 million videos every minute.

Source: The Economic times | Tech (2021 11)