Website protection I 7 TIPS on how to ensure website security

We unequivocally state that just creating and hosting a website is not enough. SECURITY must be your PRIORITY for a website to function properly in the long term.

The immediate question here is how do you protect your WordPress website from security threats such as hacker attacks, malware, unauthorized access and other security breaches?

Here are some of our tips that are worth paying attention to:

  1. Use a reliable WordPress security plugin such as Wordfence or Sucuri Security.
  2. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA). This will allow you to log in to your website using only a password and an additional verification method (usually, an authentication code can be sent to your mobile phone via text message (SMS) or a verification code can be obtained in a special authentication app).
  3. Enable reCAPTCHA. This will help protect against automated attacks.
  4. Limit the number of logins. This will help prevent too many login attempts with incorrect credentials.
  5. Use secure passwords. Passwords should be long and contain at least 8 characters, including numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and special characters.
  6. Update WordPress and all plugins regularly. This will help prevent security vulnerabilities and ensure your website runs smoothly.
  7. We recommend making a backup copy of your website and database at least once a quarter. This is useful not only in the event of an incident, but also before updating the site: in the event of an error, you can restore the previous state of the site.

If you heed the advice and follow these relatively simple steps, you will reduce the overall risk and increase the security of your WordPress site, preventing data leaks or site disruptions.

Don’t wait. Secure your website now.

If technical website maintenance works seem like a difficult mission – we are ready to help and can offer security solutions adapted to your case. We provide maintenance services and can offer to maintain and take care of the project throughout the year or to carry out a one-time renovation. Annual/one-time maintenance service price: individual for each project.

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