The recently opened virtual reality cafe VR CAFE in Vilnius is the first and only such space in Lithuania. Vrcafe.lt introduces a range of virtual entertainment of the Cafe and invites to visit specially equipped premises and experience it.

Together with the owners of the Cafe we created a modern website. One page design allows easy access to all sections of the website by one click. Making reservation of services is also very easy. We have integrated a special form to make reservations from several places of the website.
It is important for every business to maintain a website that is not only functional but also attractive to potential clients, that is why we payed special attention for this website’s design.

Bright colors and life sparkling website works like an introduction to the impressive experience of the virtual world of VR CAFE.

We are happy that project VR CAFE is successfully implemented and thanks to the website all the news of virtual reality reach and engage more and more people of Lithuania.