The compliance of the website’s cookie policy and their recording with the GDPR

This article describes the recommended actions that help you make sure that the use of cookies on the website, their recording and the “cookie policy” comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). More information about the GDPR can be found here

First of all, we check whether a special dialog dedicated to “Cookie Policy” information is displayed when you first visit the website (it is recommended to open the website using incognito/private browser mode).

We make sure that the “Cookie Policy” dialog has the necessary buttons (“I agree” / “Settings” / link to “Cookie Policy”).

The next step is to ensure that only necessary cookies are set for website visitors before the visitor’s consent is obtained. To do this, you should first remove all website cookies stored in your browser. (For example, using the Chrome browser – we press F12 and select “Application”. We find Cookies in the left menu and select the address of the website we are visiting. We press the right mouse button on the website address and select “Clear”).

After reloading the site, we check whether the site’s cookies are being saved. Such cookies as e.g. “reCaptcha” or “moove_gdpr_popup” can be recorded even without agreeing to the “cookie policy”, because these are functional cookies and they are necessary for the correct operation of the website.

After making sure that the website is working properly according to the instructions in the steps above, we can proceed with the final steps. We agree to the “cookie policy” and monitor whether the list of cookies stored in the browser has been filled. Then we check whether all cookies appearing in the browser are listed in the “cookie policy” description.