Sometimes we wonder why so many Lithuanian website owners ignore the importance of an SSL certificate.

ATTENTION! Let’s face it – websites without SSL certificates can lose potential customers. Did you know that an SSL certificate is not only a more secure site, more customer trust, but also a better position in Google search. Even about 60-70% of companies do not appreciate it.

You can always write us – together we will ensure the security of your website.

We can help you obtain and install a valid SSL certificate.

We provide answers to the most frequently asked queries:

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a useful tool for protecting all server and visitor information transmitted on a website (payment cards, personal data, logins, etc.). It is such an electronic document that is installed on a server and encrypts all information between the visitor and the server.

The information is encrypted, so third parties cannot access the site visitor’s computer and server in order to gain access to the confidential information.

Protect confidential information held on the Website.

Makes your site more secure, improves SEO results, and gives visitors confidence in your site.

Addresses of websites beginning with https: // indicate that these websites use an SSL certificate, and a lock icon appears next to the website’s address. (When the website doesn’t have an SSL certificate installed, you’ll see “http: //” at the beginning.)


The unbelievable fact is that only about 10% of websites were accessible via the HTTPS port a few years ago.

For those who are unsure about the implementation of an SSL certificate, we encourage you to consider whether your visitors would like the information they provide on the site to be visible to third parties.

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