Website maintenance and constant attention and updates.

After creating a website, we advise you not to forget about regular maintenance of the website. Only by monitoring the status of the site we can prevent or fix various crashes at an early stage.

Keep in mind that an unupdated site is vulnerable and can be exploited by malicious people. By entrusting the maintenance of the website to professionals, you will be sure that all your information will remain secure and that the technical parameters of the website will meet the requirements of quality and changing trends.

We can make sure your website works flawlessly.

Do you ask what this service consists of? We answer:

• System operation monitoring;

• System security and update monitoring;

• Critical WordPress content management system updates, plugin updates and PHP version updates within 2 working days after observation;

• Periodic WordPress content management system updates, plugin updates, and PHP version updates four times a year (every three months);

• Backups;

• Free site recovery after an incident (hacking, error, etc.).

Entrust our site maintenance to us – save your time, be calm and secure.