Let’s talk about HERO VIDEO, which is rapidly gaining popularity at the moment.

HERO is the section at the beginning of the main page of the website. This is the first informational visual element that determines whether a user will stay on the site or leave. Eyesight is the strongest human sensation, that is why video images are one of the fastest ways to attract a user’s attention and it is already one of the most effective web design trends in 2021. Replacing the traditional carousel of static images, Hero Video in 2021 becomes powerfull and one of the most effective digital marketing and image building tools to introduce your company, product / service or brand.

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For your attention – the main HERO VIDEO advantages:

– You will grab and retain the attention of your visitors;

– You will deliver your message effectively;

– You will become more visually appealing and memorable;

– You will include visitors to your site and remain in their memory;

– Increase SEO: Decrease your bounce rate.

95% of information on the Internet is in written language, but given current trends, our online browsing experience is increasingly tied to video. Forbes reveals statistics showing that embedding a HERO video can help increase conversion rates by 80% and affect a customer’s purchase decision by as much as 90%! Isn’t it wonderful? With the help of a video in 3-5 seconds you can clearly show what you have to offer and how to get it. The accompanying magical TRIO also serves: Headline, subtitle, active redirect button (Key message, detail and prompt for CTA action). Can the video be with sound? Of course! BUT we recommend allowing viewers to turn on the sound when they are ready, so the sound should be muted by default. The biggest myth is why you shouldn’t put a video on a website / e-store: VIDEO MAY SLOW THE WEBSITE. We assure you that nowadays, due to technological advances, bandwidth, data compression, internet speed, and the power of the devices themselves, the first frame of a video can load even faster than some static images.

And now just imagine – what video would you like to see on your site?