Free UI/UX audit for your website


The opportunity to receive a free audit ended on 08/15/2022, but you can always CONTACT, us for UI/UX audit services for your website. Read more about UI/UX audit in the article (see below). 


Give your users the experience they deserve and take advantage of the opportunity to get a free UI/UX analysis until August 15, 2022. (After the promotion period ends, the service is paid.)

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UI/UX – What are we talking about?

UI, UX concepts and their meaning:

UI (USER INTERFACE) – user/user interface. It is a set of tools that create convenient conditions for the user to manage the website. The interface includes: various commands, graphical dialogs, icons, menu lists, navigation, search fields, icons, colors, alerts, gradients, pop-ups, carousels, password boxes, etc.

UX (USER EXPERIENCE) – user/user experience. The totality of various aspects of the user’s interaction with the program, service, its provider (sensations, thoughts, physiological, emotional reactions, etc. For example: euphoria, convenience, magic, productivity, awareness of needs, satisfaction, pleasure, happiness, love, entertainment, etc.) . UX ensures that the relationship is positive and efficient – ​​helping you to complete an action or solve a problem stress-free, with the least amount of time wasted.

UI/UX audit

UI/UX audit is a study of the user interface and experience of websites.

During the process, analysis is carried out to find errors and loopholes in the user interface that hinder or make it difficult for users to use the website, in different browsers and screens.

Purpose of UI/UX audit: improvement of user interaction and experience with the website, convenience, availability, efficiency and optimization.

How is a UI/UX audit performed?

During the audit, we restore the client’s journey to identify possible problems. This includes the suitability of all the stages of purchase from the discovery of the product to the final purchase. Viewing the structure of the site, design, intuitive navigation, ease of use, information suitability and proper and consistent consumer steps.

We analyze all page layouts and interface elements such as homepage, menu, catalog, shopping and wish cart, checkout, product page. We also check that desktop, tablet and mobile versions of our websites meet standards and best practices. Data from analytics tools are additionally examined.

We pay attention to various elements of website design: the color of buttons, icons, the design of data entry fields and other interactive page elements.

In the process, we identify your website’s current strengths and challenges, analyze your current market position, and determine your growth potential. After completing the work, we provide a summary report reflecting the current state, highlighting critical errors, other insights and recommendations. You will learn what prevents users from becoming your customers and why your service or product does not meet the needs of your customers. All the material provided with actionable insights you can use on your own to improve performance. If needed, we will be able to help you make the recommended changes.

Do I need a UI/UX audit?

Without further ado, just ask yourself a few questions:

If you answered yes to at least a few questions, don’t hesitate, you need this service. If a digital product is not meeting business goals, a UI/UX audit will uncover the root cause of the problem. We’ll review your current website’s user interface and experience, along with suggestions on how it can be improved to increase conversions. We simply suggest that you discover performance problems before your customers do.


Consumers love products that solve their problems in the easiest and most intuitive way. Can your product/service do this?

Don’t make your users think too much. Our goal is to help you leverage your website’s strengths to deliver better results. We will refine the problem areas of digital products and offer alternative and rational solutions.

In the audit report, you will find user experience (UX) and functional user interface (UI) suggestions that help improve user engagement with a product or service and provide tangible benefits in the long term.

The report provided will become a tool for you to improve site performance, better understand your users, and implement a redesign that successfully meets both your users’ and your business goals. You can make the changes yourself, or you can contract us to implement the plan and carry out periodic reviews to ensure ongoing effectiveness.